Christina J. Simpson

Violist. Arts Administrator. Teacher.

Lesson Structure: Each week, students will receive a manageable assignment. For beginning students, it will often be a review of the proper way to hold the instrument, basic sound production, and exercises in reading music. I am a strong believer in repetition, and the student will often repeat their assignment up to ten times, with each repetition used to focus on each small improvement. 

For more advanced students, the lessons will often consist of a scale, an etude exercise, and a solo piece. The lesson begins with a warm-up, often a review of easy, past work and then proceeds into the assignments from the week before.

For both levels, it is the student's job to demonstrate how well they took the instruction from the previous week and incorporated it into their muscle memory.



Location: I teach from in my home a few blocks from Downtown Berkeley.  


Technique: Employing a mixture of exercises created during the lesson to target problems and vetted pedagogical literature, I prefer to tailor the expectations and progress for each student. I focus on developing a student's ease with the instrument, while pursuing technique that maximize sound and musicality while minimizing effort and strain. I believe playing should feel organic and natural. 


Performance Opportunities: There are bi-yearly recitals for the students to showcase their progress. Performing is encouraged, but not in the least required. 


Payment and Studio Policies: I ask for $70 per hour for adults and $60 for children 17 and under. If there is a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, there is $20 cancellation fee due at the next lesson.